Terms of use

Last Updated: Aug 14 2022

These Terms of use regulate the provision of services on the website located at "https://jobsss.info" then Jobsss.

Using the Services of the site JOBSSS the User agrees to these Terms of use.

Published on the website JOBSSS Ads automatically collected from other web sites or placed directly by the users JOBSSS. If the ads are taken from other web sites, JOBSSS indexes them and publishes only a summary of the content, providing a link to the site origin to see the full advertisement. If the user clicks the link to read the announcement, he leaves the JOBSSS website and go to the website of third parties. JOBSSS is not responsible for the content of these websites.

Subscribe to announcements by email

Providing their own email address, the user can subscribe to Notification of new ads and to receive email notifications about new job offers, which meet the search parameters set during registration or in sootvetstvii with the current settings of the User.

The user may at any time offer to change your own subscription settings, or to submit a request for service disconnection. The account may be deleted in case it is idle in accordance with company policy. In any case, the user can at any time re-register.

Limitation of liability

The ads, obtained by scanning and indexing other websites are not subject to any prior control. Activities JOBSSS limited to gathering and provide Users with greater access to listings, as well as notifying Users about new Ads in accordance with the chosen parameters. This means that full responsibility for the content of the announcement lies on the Subject of jobs. JOBSSS is not involved in the negotiations between the Presenters jobs to Users, and no control over the quality, safety or legality of the job offers and the reliability of information provided by the Presenters jobs to Users.

The user, within the current legislation JOBSSS fully exempt from liability for any damages or claims, own or third party that are caused by Ads published on the website or sent to User via e-mail.

JOBSSS is not responsible for any interruptions to the Services caused by third parties responsible for the operation of these Services.

By registering for the service "Notification of new ads", providing the email address, the User responsible for the security of their own authentication, determined Cookie JOBSSS. This Cookie remains active and automatically recognizes the User's browser until until you press the icon, after which automatic identification on subsequent visits to the website will not be performed.

The processing of personal data

The data subject agrees to the processing of Personal data obtained as a result of User interaction with the site JOBSSS and consents to their continued use for analytical and advertising purposes.


Images, texts and distinctive signs (trademarks, domain names, etc.) third party present on the website belong to their respective owners and are used solely to refer to companies placed job advertisements.

Change "Conditions of use"

JOBSSS reserves the right to modify these "Terms of use' at any time by notifying you by posting the amended terms on the website.
A user who continues to use the Services after publication of such notice, agree to the new Terms in full.



Job, vacancy, available on the website, whose content is published directly on the site JOBSSS or automatically downloaded from other web sites with job Postings and partially published on the website JOBSSS.

The subject of jobs

The person or company that publishes vacancy Announcements, using the web site JOBSSS.


The service of indexing vacancies, publication, visualization on the website and in some cases the provision of materials via e-mail provided by the site JOBSSS.

Personal information

Any information regarding individuals that can identify these individuals, including indirectly on the basis of any other published information, including a personal identification number.

The subject of personal data

Any individual providing Personal information

Web site or Website

JOBSSS – information-search engine of job Postings.


The person using the services and products offered on the website.